Sunday, July 15, 2018

EXPO 2020 Showroom opens in Yekaterinburg

The showroom for the Yekaterinburg EXPO 2020 opened on Friday in the Greenwich shopping center.

The media were the first to see the layout of the future Expo Park and also the first to view the EXPO informational video, which showed some of the developed territory where the EXPO would be held, reports.

Arkady Chernetsky, the chairman of the supervisory board of EXPO 2020 and a member of the Council of Federation, attended the event, accompanies by Russian actor, director and artistic director of the Moscow Art Theater Oleg Tabakov.

Chernetsky also made a presentation to the press, highlighting the development of the area allocated for the exposition. He spoke about how the developments being made for the Expo will help Yekaterinburg become an economic, innovative and cultural center for the world. He said that if Yekaterinburg is chosen as host it will impact now only the city and region, but the entire country.

The public will be able to visit the showroom soon in order to get detailed information about what the exhibition will offer and what the process will be should the city be chosen.

Last week, the city presented the public with a bid book containing all the information on EXPO 2020. Some of the information included stated that the total area of the site selected for construction for the event is over 500 acres, 184 hectares of which would be for the construction of pavilions and facilities for visitors of the exhibition.

The city will also construct an Expo Village residential complex on 21 hectares in order to accommodate exhibitors. There will also be one national exhibition hall representing Russia and five other themed pavilions with a total area of 90,000 square meters acting as the center of the exhibition facilities, according to

The construction will also include a complex with a museum and an arena for sports, concerts and other events, subject to the World Heritage exhibition in Russia.