Friday, June 22, 2018

Emergency Ministry holds emergency situation exercises

Command-staff exercises are continuing at the Ural Regional Center of the Russian Emergency Ministry in Sverdlovsk Region.

The exercise scenarios imagine emergency situations in the Sverdlovsk Region in order to connect and convene the Emergency Management and Fire Safety Commission of Sverdlovsk Region and Emergency Management Commissions in the municipalities of Yekaterinburg, Verkhnyaya Pyshma and Pervouralsk, reports.

The exercises consist of Emergency Ministry personnel eliminating the consequences of an emergency situation connected with disruptions of power, heat and water supply systems caused by a sharp fall in temperature and wind of up to 25 m/c.

Citizens of Pervouralsk fought such an imagined situation, which may threaten ecological catastrophe at ZAO Russky Khrom. In Verkhnyaya Pyshma, they eliminated a simulated break in the gas pipeline with subsequent explosion while also handling an oil products spill and inflammation at OAO Rualelektromed.

The municipalities reported on the progress of operations to eliminate assumed emergency situations and provide daily living activities for citizens. The reports focused on organization, the notification of people, reserve power sources and readiness of temporary shelters in the case of evacuation. They also focused on measures taken to provide people with water, heat and power, as well as medical aid for any injured people, reports.

The report provided results and recommendations on enhancing efficiency and eliminating man-made emergencies.