Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Yekaterinburg man commits robbery in hopes of jail time

Yekaterinburg police apprehended a thief on March 18 for stealing merchandise from "Elect," a store located on Volgograd St.

The police arrived immediately and spotted the thief fleeing the store while throwing the stolen goods - sausage and bacon - from the pockets of his jacket, Mir66 reports.

After a brief chase, officers apprehended the young man, who allegedly then confessed to stealing food. The suspect also allegedly confessed that he stole the merchandise because he was homeless and had nowhere to live.

The thief, a Yekaterinburg resident born in 1983, said that he is an alcoholic and that he used the last of his rent money to purchase alcohol.

Prior to the alleged theft, the young man approached police and asked for be put in jail for 15 days so he could receive shelter and food. When police refused his request, the man decided to commit theft so he could be legally incarcerated, according to Mir66.

Because of the man's previous convictions for robbery, fraud and murder threats, the alleged shoplifting could result in a jail sentence of up to four years.