Saturday, June 23, 2018

Yekaterinburg building's roof collapses under weight of snow

The roof of a building in downtown Yekaterinburg recently collapsed due to the weight of snow and icicles that accumulated following several nights of below zero temperatures.

The collapsed building is situated at the intersection of Malyshev and Pushkin, an area that receives a heavy volume of foot traffic. There have been no reports of injuries resulting from the collapse, Mir66 reports.

Yekaterinburg's mayor issued a statement on the city's website requesting that the company that controls the damaged building remove the snow and frost from adjoining buildings to prevent similar incidents.

"In the city there is the risk of ice on the roofs of houses, the snow from the roofs of building, sidewalks icing exits of driveways, walkways in yards," the mayor's statement said, according to Mir66.