Monday, June 18, 2018

Sverdlovsk ice fishermen gather to raise EXPO 2020 support

A group of Ural-area fishermen gathered at the frozen Upper Iset pond last weekend to demonstrate support for Yekaterinburg's bid to host World EXPO 2020.

The ice fishers bored holes in the frozen pond and arranged their fishing poles in such a way that the words "EXPO 2020" could be read from the aerial web cameras broadcasting the event, Mir66 reports.

Sverdlovsk Regional Sports Chairman Vitaly Medvedev said that 100 professional and amateur fishermen from across Upper Pyshma, Berezovsky and Serov participated in the publicity event.

Those participating also competed in a fishing competition. All fish caught at the event went to feed stray animals at the "Zoozaschita" charity.

The event, which organizers are calling a "fishmob", is the first of its kind, according to Mir66.