Thursday, June 21, 2018

Meteor relief funding under police investigation

The Russian Interior Ministry announced this week that Chelyabinsk police have begun reviewing the legality of relief funds used in repairing damages caused by the February 15 meteor explosion.

Expenditure reviews are being conducted by regional police's departments of economic security and anti-corruption. According to Interior Ministry Press Officer Anzhelika Chirkova, such reviews are routine, Rapsi reports.

Funds to repair damages caused by the meteor's arrival were withdrawn from the Chelyabinsk regional budget, with no cash injections from the Russian federal government. Regional Deputy Governor Sergei Komyakov is anticipating some reimbursement from federal reserves.

The meteor's impact left more than 5,000 area buildings without windows. Following the destructive event, the Chelyabinsk government pledged up to $1,650 in compensation per victim of the natural disaster, according to Rapsi.

Officials now report that approximately 90 percent of the damage caused by the February 15 meteor has been repaired.