Friday, June 22, 2018

Voice of Russia helps Russian WWII veteran reunite with French comrades

The Yekaterinburg World Expo 2020 Bid Committee and the Sverdlovsk government recently assisted a Russian veteran of the French Resistance from the Sverdlovsk region in finding his French brothers-in-arms and his first love.

Nikolai Vasenin, 93, is the last living cavalier of the Legion of Honor order and said that he has never forgotten the French friends he fought beside during the Second World War, Voice of Russia reports.

He also has not forgotten the local woman he fell in love with upon first meeting in France.

At the request of the committee and the Sverdlovsk government, Laurent Brayard, a journalist with the Voice of Russia, found Jeanne Monot and the rest of Nikolai Vasenin's comrades.

The world fair helped restore the friendship of the French and Russian soldiers who fought valiantly side-by-side during the Second World War. The story is symbolic of the recent building of connections between the two nations of Russia and France, Voice of Russia reports.