Saturday, June 23, 2018

Ten thousand books collected for "Yekaterinburg" submarine

Yekaterinburg libraries have collected approximately 10,000 book donations to support the military camp where the city's namesake nuclear submarine is stationed.

Library officials have extended the length of the book drive until March 15 due to the high number of books donated, Mir66 reports.

Collected books will be shipped to Yekaterinburg Gadzhievo on March 19, which marks the Russian Day of Submariner national holiday. Alexander Vysokinsky, Yekaterinburg's deputy head of finance, will preside over the donation ceremony.

Some of the books collected will be taken aboard the "Yekaterinburg" submarine to be enjoyed by individuals stationed aboard, others will be distributed to the families of service people to read while their loved ones are away. The remaining books will help stock local libraries.

"Book - it is always a good gift, so I am glad we have managed to gather a larger number of gifts," Vysokinsky said on March 6 while donating some of his own books to the collection, according to Mir66.