Friday, June 22, 2018

Author Vladislav Krapivin is a lifelong Urals resident

Acclaimed Russian children's author Vladislav Petrovich Krapivin was born October 14, 1938, in the Ural city of Tyumen.

A lifelong resident of the Urals, Krapivin has worked as a full-time writer since the early 1960s.

While studying at Ural State University, Krapivin became involved with the Evening Sverdlovsk newspaper. After receiving his journalism degree, he began work at the Ural Pathfinder - another regional publication.

In 1962, Krapivin published his first book, "The Voyage of Orion." Since then, hehas released more than 200 publications. Much of Krapivin's work has been translated into several different languages.

Krapivin, who has been named an honorary citizen of Yekaterinburg, has received numerous literary accolades, including the Lenin Komsomol Prize and the Arkady Gaidar Award.

In 2006, the Association of Writers of the Urals launched the Krapivin Prize for excellence in children's literature. Each year, the prize is given to four aspiring authors from across the globe.

Krapivin remains active in the Caravel youth group that he founded in 1961. Currently managed by the group's former graduates, Caravel offers journalism, fencing and sailing activities to children in the Urals.