Thursday, June 21, 2018

Tourism industry launches "Big Ural" brand to attract visitors

The Sverdlovsk region's Council for Development of Tourism recently announced its goal to make the Middle Urals one of the five-most developed tourist regions in Russia by 2030.

In 2011, hospitality and spa services comprised nearly 10 percent of destination services within the Middle Urals, amounting to more than $636 million in revenue for the region. Presently, hospitality and related tourism sectors employ around 75,000 people, reports.

Sverdlovsk Government Deputy Chairman Alexander Porodnov said that in order to grow its appeal as a tourist destination, the region must overcome inadequate infrastructure and lack of modern tourism products. The region also must learn how to present and sell its strengths to prospective travelers, Porodnov said, according to

While visitors to area parks grew from 87,700 in 148,000 from 2010 to 2012, tourism council members said that more substantial growth can be achieved through a unified marketing brand. To that end, areas throughout the Ural Federal District have agreed to begin marketing to international and domestic travelers under the "Big Ural" brand.

"Big Ural" encompasses the region's storied history as a mining destination, its grand natural landscapes and its future as a modern metropolitan area.