Friday, July 20, 2018

Tourism increases at Dyatlov Pass

After hitting rock bottom in the 1990s, the outdoor tourism industry in the Urals is experiencing a revival, with fans of the outdoors setting out into Russia, once again.

One of the areas growing most amongst backpackers is a location in the Northern Ural Mountains where a group of students from the Ural Polytechnic Institute died in a shocking incident in 1959, according to Russia & India Reports.

The students died on an expedition with Igor Dyatlov, though the exact circumstances are unclear. Many are drawn to the site, now named Dyatlov Pass, due to the unsolved mystery.

The specific area of the mountains where it occurred has also claimed the lives of nine others, adding to the mystique. Most recently, a helicopter with nine passengers crashed there, though no one was killed. This has led some to see a significance with the location and the number nine.

Travelers can get to the location by train or through three daily flights between Moscow and Yekaterinburg. Some choose to hike or cross-country ski to the location, according to the Russia & India Reports.

Other visitors come to Dyatlov Pass to explore UFO activity, as one local tour company explained.

"Not a month goes by without villagers reporting some strange kind of glowing in the sky. No theories about the Northern Lights or passing aircraft can explain this. So far, no logical explanation for this phenomenon has been advanced," a representative of the company said, according to the Russia & India Reports.

Before commencing their trip, tourists have to register with the Ministry of Emergency Situations.