Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Uralvagonzavod hosts Flower Extravaganza

Uralvagonzavod Corporation recently opened an arts exhibition called "Flower Extravaganza" at its head plant's exhibition center.

The exhibition was launched to honor the 80th anniversary of the women's movement at Uralvagonzavod and to celebrate International Women's Day. The exhibition is made up of approximately 80 works by well 15 known artists based in the Nizhniy Tagil area, Ural Business Consulting reports.

The organizers of the show tried to shape a collection of fine arts by local artists in various techniques, using graphic arts, paintings, water colors, oils and pastels. Canvases featuring lilacs and pheasant's eyes were created by prominent Urals graphic artist and founder of the Nizhniy Tagil school of pastel workers Viktor Mogilevitch, who is also a member of the Russian Artist's Union. Another member of the union, Igor Grishchenko, painted enchanting lilies. Natalia Obukhova created water-color paintings of geraniums and rowan trees.

One of Nizhniy Tagil's oldest stone-cutters presented his works as well. Valentine Bezborodov presented jewelry sets, necklaces and bracelets decorated with flowers made of malachite, turquoise and filigree, according to Ural Business Consulting.

Sregey Kislitsky, meanwhile, created Florentine-style mosaics of marble, blue elvan and fluor spar. Svetlana Nikitina, a long-time employee of Ural Transport Machine-Building's Design Bureau, made seed-bead flowers.