Thursday, June 21, 2018

VTB Bank holds seminar for Sverdlovsk shareholders

VTB Bank held its third meeting with minority shareholders in Yekaterinburg this week as part of a series of seminars for regional shareholders.

At the event, attended by approximately 200 VTB shareholders living in the Sverdlovsk Region, experts discussed VTB's performance results and development plans, corporate governance, stock and dividend policy, as well as the election of the new Shareholder Advisory Council in 2013, 4-Traders reports.

Representatives of VTB24, the bank's retail subsidiary, also spoke. They discussed the basics of trading on the stock market and provided insight into the current economic situation, with specific reference to the Russian and global stock markets. Shareholders received thorough answers to all their questions.

"These seminars are an important part of the cooperation between VTB Bank and its shareholders," VTB Bank Shareholder Relations Service Head Vladimir Khotkin said, 4-Traders reports. "Interest in these meetings has been steady, which is natural because many shareholders are far from professional brokers. The idea is to explain to our minority shareholders, as clearly as possible, what risks they may face and how to avoid common mistakes when working with stocks."

The next VTB shareholder event will take place on Open Door day on February 28 in Nizhny Tagil. The next training seminar will be on March 22 in Belgorod.