Monday, June 18, 2018

World Cup 2018 renovations begin at Yekaterinburg's Central Stadium

Sverdlovsk Regional Sports Minister Leonid Rapoport recently confirmed that renovations will soon begin to prepare Yekaterinburg's Central Stadium for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

"As soon as by 2017, Central Stadium will be ready for operation", Rapoport said, according to Ural Business Consulting.

The firm that won the contract for the historic stadium's redesign is expected to present several reconstruction options by the end of March.

Per FIFA regulations, the seating capacity at Central Stadium must be increased to hold up to 44,000 spectators. Additionally, the area on which the renovated stadium is situated must expand to approximately 45,000 acres. FIFA also requires that a public transportation network be installed around the stadium in time for the games.

"We are now positive that we can meet all of the FIFA's requirements," Yekaterinburg Deputy Mayor Sergey Shvindt said, Ural Business Consulting reports.

Rapoport said that the building will be reconstructed with care because it is included Russia's national architectural heritage list.