Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Russian official proposes plan to prevent future meteor incidents

In a recent session in Yekaterinburg, Secretary of the Federal Security Service Nikolya Patrushev proposed a collective defense plan to protect the planet from asteroids.

The idea comes not long after a meteor fell to earth in Chelyabinsk, damaging thousands of buildings and injuring 1,500 people, the Voice of Russia reports.

According to the official, the Chelyabinsk meteor wasn't detected by any telescope, which creates the potential that larger bodies will go unnoticed.

On February 15, a bright meteor appeared in the skies over Russia, traveling at approximately 18 km/sec. It became a brilliant fireball as it passed over the southern Ural region, exploding in an air burst over the Chelyabinsk Oblast 15 to 25 kilometers above the ground, according to the Voice of Russia.

The Russian Geographical Society said that the passing of the meteor over Chelyabinsk resulted in three blasts of different power.

Scientists have begun to search for fragments of the meteor in the area of the explosions and landing.