Saturday, June 16, 2018

Uraltransmash discusses Yekaterinburg tram system

Sergey Soloviev, the director-general of Uraltransmash, signed an agrement with the Deputy Mayor of Yekaterinburg for Strategic Planning, Economic Issues & Finance Alexander Vysokinsky this week, setting up work teams for the purpose of developing and testing new tramway makes.

The two held a meeting off-site to discuss the production of modern trams in Russia. The meeting was held in the Western Depot of the Yekaterinburg Tramway & Trolley-bus Administration and was attended by Alexander Vysokinsky, Deputy Mayor of Yekaterinburg for Urban Development, Transportation & the Environment Yuri Komratov, Uraltransmash DG and Chief Engineer for Civil Goods Division Sergey Soloviev, and employees of Western Tram Depot, Ural Business Consulting reports.

Uraltransmas presented its 71-407 tram and the 71-403 makes that are currently being used in city streets at the meeting.

Also on the agenda was the discussion of options available for renovating the city fleet of trams and upgrading Yekaterinburg's tram railways. Designers and operators presented their reports as did maintenance specialists. Experts on tram railway-building technology and on automated performance machinery also spoke at the meeting, Ural Business Consulting reports.