Friday, June 22, 2018

Yekaterinburg railway cameras found ineffective for law enforcement

The closed circuit television cameras installed in Yekaterinburg area train stations are largely useless to law enforcement, according to Regional Transportation Minister Alexander Cam.

Security cameras have long been installed in many Yekaterinburg rail terminals, Cam said, but fail to provide authorities with proper viewing angles, Mir66 reports.

Newer security monitoring technology that will cross-reference video images of suspects to a database criminals will "greatly facilitate the search for suspects", Cam said, according to Mir66. Such technology, however, would cost approximately $660,000 per train station.

Municipal authorities have also begun to consider upgrading security cameras at Yekaterinburg's Koltsovo Airport, which was attacked by terrorists in 2011. Since the attack, the existing security technology has triggered eight false alarms of terrorist activities, Mir66 reports.