Thursday, June 21, 2018

Most dangerous and safest areas of Yekaterinburg ranked

Alexei Polupanov, the head of the Investigation Department of the Interior Ministry of Russia, said on radio studio KP this week that his office has compiled a rating of Yekaterinburg's most criminogenic areas in 2012.

Polupanov said that the study does not guarantee that on one street you will be assaulted and on another you will not be touched, but the list does rank the areas based on the number of crimes committed in public spaces, Mir66 reports.

The ratings revealed that the number of street crimes went against the popular belief that street crime was related to the population of the district. The safest area last year was the Leninsky District and most of the street crime was recorded in the Ordzhonikidze District. The second highest number of robberies and looting occurred in the Chkalovsky District.

The official rankings, beginning with the safest area, are the Ordzhonikidze District, the Chkalovsky District, the Kirov region, the Upper Iset area, the October District, the Railroad District and the Leninsky District, according to Mir66.