Saturday, June 23, 2018

Annual "Ski Track of Russia" draws 28,000 in Yekaterinburg

The 2013 "Ski Track of Russia" began on Friday, spanning 18 local sporting arenas and ski tracks.

Presiding over the event, now in its 31st year, was Duma Chairman Eugene Porunov, joined by Deputy Administration Heads Vysokinsky Alexander, Michael Tushin and Sergei Matveev Tushin, according to

The opening ceremonies for "Ski Track of Russia" drew several spectators to the city's Kalininets arena, where enthusiasts were given soldier's porridge and hot tea. Attendees were also treated to a performance by the Ordzhonikidze district's choir.

"Ski Track of Russia" organizers estimate that this year's event will likely draw at least 28,000 ski fans.

"Ski Track is good...I feel a surge of strength and health" Vysokinsky said, reports.