Thursday, June 21, 2018

Putin fires Russian Olympic Committee VP over skip jump delays

Vladimir Putin dismissed Olympic Committee Vice President Ahkmed Bilalov this week for construction delays at the site of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games' ski jump stadium.

Putin noticed construction of the RusSki Gorki ski jump stadium was behind schedule while giving a tour of Sochi's olympic venues to International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge and Coordination Commission Chairman Jean-Claude Killy on Wednesday. Upon visiting the ski jump stadium, Putin noted the lack of spectator stands and snow, according to the Washington Post.

Putin then asked Olympic Construction Head Dmitry Kozak the name of the person overseeing construction of the RusSki Gorki ski jump. Kozak disclosed that Ahkmed Bilalov, who had previously owned the site on which the jump was being constructed, was in charge of preparing the ski jump stadium.

Putin continued to inquire about Bilalov's activities and discovered that construction costs for the ski jump had risen to $267 million, significantly higher than the $40 million Bilalov initially quoted, the Washington Post reports.

"And so your vice president of the Olympic Committee of the country is working on this construction and is pilfering from it", Putin said, the Washington Post reports.

During a press conference the next day, Kozak announced Bilalov's termination.