Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Sinara Development wins right to build apartments on two lots

An auction held at the Yekaterinburg Town Hall on January 31 has resulted in Sinara Develompent winning the tender for two land allotments meant for housing construction.

Through the tender, the company now has the right to rent two land allotments, where it will put up a number of apartment buildings. The allotments in Shirokaya Rechka have a total area of 3.1 hectares. The price for the two lots, located on Yekaterininskaya St. and Khrustalnogorskaya St., came to $7.21 million, Ural Business Consulting reports.

The company will release a rough design for the lots as early as this spring, with the final project for the construction ready to being three months later. Sinara Development hopes to start the building jobs as soon as this year.

'These land allotments will be used to put up good quality, comfortable, affordable economy class dwellings with the infrastructure that meets all the modern urban development requirements. The project will cover for good children playgrounds and sports grounds as well as parking lots, including a number of underground ones,' Sinara's Drector-General Timur Ufimtsev said, Ural Business Consulting reports.