Monday, July 16, 2018

Industrial parks to open in Beloyarsky, Revda and Degtyarsk

Sverdlovsk Region Prime Minister Denis Pasler chaired a recent meeting discussing the feasibility of opening industrial parks in the Sverdlovsk towns of Beloyarsky, Revda and Degtyarsk.

A representative from the Sverdlovsk region's press service confirmed that attendees also discussed the possibility of opening a similar site near Yekaterinburg's Novosverdlovskaya power station, according to Ural Business Consulting.

Beloyarsky Mayor Alexander Privalov suggested three prospective locations for the future parks. Privalov mentioned the area around the Bazhenovo train station that has geographical properties that can accommodate an aircraft manufacturing park. Additionally, the Bazhenovo-adjacent location is situated next to a high-pressure pipeline and gas boiler plant. The mayor also suggested a site in the village of Kosulino that could be utilized as a logistics center and production area for the Russian Railways' logistics center project. Finally, Privalov suggested a large land plot near Kamyshevo where UMMC has recently won development rights to its clay pits, Ural Business Consulting reports.