Monday, May 21, 2018

MegaFon partners with RGB Networks on OTT service launch

MegaFon has selected RGB networks' award-winning Video Multiprocessing Gateway and Transact Packager to provide a complete transcoding and packaging solution for its new over-the-top video service.

The OTT service was launched by MegaFon in December. It offers interactive capabilities to respond to the substantial rise in mobile internet users nationwide and also retains and increases its 61.6 million subscribers, or 27.1 percent of Russia's mobile users, Mobility Wire reports.

The digital TV product was created and is being developed by an innovation arm of MegaFon called MegaLabs. Its goal is to launch a monetize new products and technologies to serve MegaFon subscribers.

"With our rapidly expanding subscriber base we needed the most flexible and reliable IP video delivery solution available to keep pace with customer demands and need for quality," Vitaly Starodubov, the COO at MegaLabs, said, Mobility Wire reports. "MegaFon's entry into the OTT marketplace significantly enhances our competitive position amidst the 'Big Three' of the Russian TV service market, and we hope to secure more than 1.5 million IPTV\OTT subscribers across all devices by 2015. OTT services are essential to the future of video delivery in Russia, and we needed a solution that could ensure our vision comes to fruition. RGB's technology perfectly meets our needs and adds value to our long-term business strategy."

BCC Group, a key RGB partner and system integrator, delivered the implementation.

"We received excellent support from both RGB Networks and its partner BCC, who provided us with exceptional service throughout the entire deployment process to ensure that the solution was up and running in record time," Starodubov said, according to Mobility Wire.

VMG offers a scalable and reliable multi-stream processing capability representing a sound investment for future-proofing of services. It also meets MegaFon's requirements to initially facilitate the delivery of high-quality content to iOS devices and IP set-top boxes, with support for Android devices planned for later development. The program has high performance transcoding capabilities and works in tandem with the critical adaptive streaming functionalities of RGB's TransAct Packager. This gives MegaFon the ability to deliver OTT services to a growing selection of popular end user mobile devices without concerns for supporting growth in channels, resolutions, profiles or device types.