Saturday, June 23, 2018

Fifty Yekaterinburg schools set to get their buildings back

Seventeen school buildings that were temporary commandeered by other organizations were returned to officials on Monday to once again be used as educational facilities.

In total, 50 buildings are scheduled to be recommissioned as schools. Sverdlovsk Regional Minister of State Property Alexi Pyankov visited many of the 17 buildings returned on Monday to determine the scope of the repairs needed before they can re-open as schools, according to Mir66.

Many of the former schools were inhabited by Russian federal agencies, including the Urals' customs headquarters that has since moved to another facility.

Over the last few years, Sverdlovsk educational officials have worked to address the lack of kindergartens in the region. Yekaterinburg Municipal Chief of Schools Vadim Dudarenko instituted a guide to open 47 new schools in the area by 2016. The shortage of educational buildings has not only prevented students from attending kindergarten, but also forced the closure of several special educational institutions including a center for blind and disabled children, Mir66 reports.

Many special needs students in Yekaterinburg have been forced to withdraw from school because several special education centers have been repurposed into general education schools.