Saturday, June 23, 2018

Yekaterinburg's retail trade turnover exceeded $20 billion in 2012

Yekaterinburg's budget office recently announced that the city's 2012 retail trade turnover reached nearly $20.3 billion, the first time in history that the figure exceeded $19.9 billion.

With an 8.8 percent increase over 2011, the record-breaking retail trade turnover will contribute to the budgets of 20 Yekaterinburg municipal agencies and departments, according to Ural Business Consulting.

In 2012, 537 new retailers opened in the Urals' capital, including 100 operations characterized as small businesses. The city's retail trading network grew by a total of 298 stores - 100 grocery stores and 166 non-food retailers.

Currently, there are 3,900 square feet of shopping space for every 1,000 residents in Yekaterinburg, Ural Business Consulting reports.