Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Yekaterinburg street cleaning vehicles sitting idle

A lack of drivers and machine operators has left most of Yekaterinburg's new street cleaning equipment sitting idle.

The situation has led to several forced detours on uncleaned streets, Mir66 reports.

Deputy Regional Transport Minister Vasily Starkov said that the city is not finished hiring drivers and machine operators to fully staff the road equipment.

The city is working with the regional employment office because there are not enough specialists to be found in Yekaterinburg. Additionally, not many are drawn to the work, which requires hard work on the road, mostly during night shifts lasting 11 hours, with no holidays or flextime. The city has, however, raised the salary of such positions in an attempt to attract more specialists.

In 2012, Yekaterinburg was awarded grants to purchase more vehicles and garbage trucks. The city used the $19.9 million to purchase 144 new units of municipal engineering, including road cleaning equipment, Mir66 reports.