Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Russian aircraft headed to Yekaterinburg has near collision in Afghan airspace

A Russian passenger plane flying in Afghan airspace was recently involved in an incident in which a mysterious and unresponsive plane flew close to the aircraft.

The incident was reported by the Boeing 767 plane after it landed at its destination in Yekaterinburg. The plant was chartered by a major Russian tour operator and was carrying 285 passengers from Bali, Khaama Press reports.

Channel One Television aired computerized footage of the plane in a near brush-off with a fighter jet that could suggest that the mysterious plane was a NATO plane because Afghanistan does not have its own fighter jets.

A spokesman for Rosaviatsia, Russia's air transport agency, said that the Boeing's warning system went off as it flew over Kabul, indicating the dangerous approach another plane.

The plane, owned by Nordwind Airlines, was flying at an altitude of 10,800 meters, according to the official. The second plane was only 330 meters away from the Boeing and was unresponsive to communication.

A Russian official described the plane as having military colors similar to planes from NATO's air base, though this has not been confirmed by Rosaviatsia, Khaama Press reports.

The spokesman also said that it is not within Rosaviatsia's power to send requests for information to NATO or Afghanistan. If an incident is confirmed, it will be the first in several years, the spokesman added.