Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Sergei Tushin confirmed as Yekaterinburg's newest deputy chief

The Yekaterinburg city council met on Wednesday to approve changes to the city's administration structure and named Sergei Tushin as the 10th deputy chief of Yekaterinburg.

Previously, the Yekaterinburg city government had only one deputy chief role. City officials have added nine additional deputies to handle the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup and EXPO-2020 events, according to Mir66.

Prior to be confirmed as deputy chief, Tushin directed the city's department of information and analysis. As Yekaterinburg's newest deputy chief, Tushin will retain his responsibilities with the information department, and will also oversee the newly-created committee for international events.

The Yekaterinburg city government underwent a previous shift in organizational structure in 2010, when the city's mayorship was split into two roles - city manager and mayor-president of the city duma, Mir66 reports.