Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Yekaterinburg places bid to host World EXPO 2020

Members of Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich's Preparation Committee for the 2020 World Expo in Yekaterinburg unveiled an interactive display on Thursday in Moscow Hall of the Ural city's bid to host EXPO 2020.

The display's theme is "Global Intellect" and contains drawings and models of Yekaterinburg's proposed Expo Park, as well as a multi-media presentation targeted towards foreign ambassadors and members of the Russian business community highlighting the city's merits, Voice of Russia reports.

In his speech at the display's unveiling, Dvorkovich reiterated that modern Russia is rich in cultural and business traditions, making it an ideal venue for EXPO 2020. He also explained that such a high-profile event as EXPO 2020 would be especially helpful in the country's regional development.

If selected as the event's host, the Sverdlovsk region would implement numerous infrastructure projects to prepare for the expo, giving the region a welcome economic boost. During EXPO 2020, the Ural capital would host approximately 32 million people from more than 150 countries for a six month duration according to Voice of Russia.

Many foreign representatives reportedly indicated an interest in visiting Yekaterinburg after seeing the city's proposed Expo Park.