Saturday, June 23, 2018

Outdoor advertising to grow in Yekaterinburg

The administration of Yekaterinburg has changed the rules in advertising for the city, announcing that approximately one-third of advertising structures will be removed from city streets.

Vadim Dudarenko, the head of municipal property management for the city, said that they will be removing the 6x3 format of advertising from billboards. Some small-size billboards will be left in certain streets and in areas where there is no pavement, Mir66 reports.

There are currently 4,600 units, which will drop by 70 percent after the city is finished with the project.

In order to compensate for the decrease in advertising, the city will charge admission to companies at auctions where they will bid for advertising space. They also hope to increase rental areas for advertising.

Chairman of the Public Council of the Urals Victor Bryuhovskih said that in some cases, with the removal of the ads, the city will be breaking existing contracts, taking down ads before the end-date specified in the contract.

Sergey Malkov, the director of specialized advertising group Deltaplan, said that he does not view the changes as threats, but will instead provide the impetus for the development of transit advertising, indoor advertising and digital indoor advertising. Without the traditional means, advertisers will have to innovate in order to compensate, according to Mir66.