Sunday, July 15, 2018

Ural Airlines to begin selling tickets for 2013 flights to Cologne

Ural Airlines will begin selling tickets for flights to Cologne that are set to start operating in the spring and summer of 2013.

The company will offer special pries between January 21 and March 31 for flights operating between May 10 and July 31, Ural Business Consulting reports.

The special offer is valid for all Ural Airlines connecting flights to Cologne with a stopover in Moscow's Domodedovo Airport.

Flights for Yekaterinburg to Cologne are priced at $383.44. For Chelyabinsk to Cologne, flights are available for $410.07. Rostov-on-Don to Cologne flights are available for $356.82 and those for Novokuznetsk-Cologne, Nizhnevartovsk-Cologne, Novosibirsk-Cologne, Irkutsk-Cologne and Chita-Cologne can be bought for $676.35, $623.10, 543.21, $716.29 and $649.72, respectively. Prices include all fees and charges, Ural Business Consulting reports.