Sunday, May 27, 2018

Woman flees scene of car accident after colliding with police lieutenant

Sverdlovsk region police are investigating the details of a traffic accident involving a young woman who fled after crashing her vehicle into a police lieutenants marked patrol car.

The incident occurred the morning of January 16 at the intersection of Victory Ave. and Kunavina St. in the Ural mountains. Reportedly, the woman ran through a red light and collided with the police car. When the lieutenant emerged from her vehicle to check on the well-being of the motorist, the young woman ran from the accident site, according to Mir66.

A crew was dispatched to the scene shortly after the incident, including the Ural chief of traffic police, traffic accident analysis experts and the head of the area's police department. Tests conducted on the lieutenant involved in the crash revealed no alcohol in her blood.

Two hours after the accident, a 19-year-old woman entered a city hospital with injuries she claimed to have sustained from a car accident earlier that morning. Police are currently investigating the young woman and will take legal action against her if she is found to be the fugitive motorist, Mir66 reports.