Saturday, July 21, 2018

Famous Frenchmen flock to Russia

Following the recent announcement that French actor Gerard Depardieu would seek to acquire a Russian passport, it was announced that famous balloonist Xavier Faure would do so as well.

The French balloonist settled in a town in the Perm region and does not plan to return to his home country, Mir66 reports.

Faure was the lead pilot of the largest balloon club in the north and has registered 680 hours of flight.

The aeronaut came to live in Perm after spending time in Russia during the Festival of Balloons last July. He returned home to the Champagne region but felt as though he was missing the huge expanse of the Kungurskye he had experienced the summer before. France has also been tightening travel laws and gaining permission for a trip via balloon can take up to a year or two.

Faure took up residence at a hostel and has begun teaching French at a Kungur art college. He hopes to establish a tourism industry for the city, according to Mir66.

Earlier, the French director, screenwriter and actor Mathieu Kassovits said that she wanted to leave France for Russia along with Gerard Depardieu. The 45-year-old said that the move was not inspired by the "taxing of the rich," which Depardieu was outraged by. Instead, Depardieu feels as though he cannot fulfill his love of film in France, where filmmaking has become too similar to American film.

Depardieu left France in late 2012 after a tax reform by President Francois Hollande, who imposed a 75 percent tax on income over one million euros a year. Depardieu visited Sochi, where he met with President Putin and received a Russian passport. He then went to Saransk to celebrate his entry into Russian citizenship as well as the Orthodox Christmas.