Friday, February 23, 2018

Yekaterinburg's City Without Drugs allowed to stay

On Monday, the Sverdlovsk Oblast Arbitration Court ruled against the Sverdlovsk property management ministry's request to evict the City Without Drugs program from its Belinski St. location in Yekaterinburg

The City Without Drugs program was started in Yekaterinburg 13 years ago to provide free housing and care for citizens attempt to recover from drug addiction. In August 2011, the regional government issued an order allowing the program to continue to reside at 19 Belinsky St. rent-free until 2020, according to Russia News.

In October, the Regulatory Directorate of the Ministry of State Property Management filed a suit with regional courts challenging the authority of the Sverdlovsk government to allocate free real estate.

Monday's jury deliberated for under 20 minutes before denying the property ministry's claim entirely, Russia News reports.