Saturday, July 21, 2018

More than 400 lost documents found in Yekaterinburg mailboxes

More than 400 lost documents were found in Yekaterinburg street mailboxes over the past year, the postal service reports.

Employees of the Yekaterinburg post office found military identification cards, passports, pension certificates, employment records and driver's licenses in street mailboxes, Mir66 reports.

Five more lost documents were found on the New Year's holiday when a large shipment of postal documents was handed to the police.

The post office removes hundreds of lost documents from mailboxes. Some are returned to the owner if detected, though the majority are handed over to the police.

Tatiana Fomina, the head of the Yekaterinburg post office, said that citizens will sometimes put lost documents they find on the street into mail boxes. All documents discovered this way are handed over to the police. Though this does result in additional work for the post office, they understand that not all people are able to take lost documents to the police office, Fomina said, Mir66 reports.