Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sverdlovsk region receives high ranking for socioeconomic stability

A sustainability socioeconomic stability rating compiled by Petersburgskaya Politika Foundationand REGNUM Information Agency in December gave the Sverdlovsk Region a score of 7.5 points, a result 0.1 points lower than the its ranking.

The number recognizes the Sverdlovsk region for its high stability, Ural Business Consulting reports.

The positive number is attributed in part to the business community's favorable reaction to the governor's call to lower administrative barriers for business. Also highlighted is Yekaterinburg's leading position on the Russia Pillars, a list of cities with populations of more than one million that are most suited for SME's.

The Economic Development Ministry also approved of the application for the federal co-financing of the Titanium Valley Special Economic Zone and the region launched the Public Surveillance Council for Communal Housing Services.

Also attributing to the ranking was the governor's decision to allocate a building for the House of Reporters and the Strategic Initiatives Agency declaring Sverdlovsk Region one of the most promising investment targets.

The scale is from one to 10, with a median estimate of socioeconomic stability for federal constituencies of 7.05 in September and October and 6.9 in November. In December, the median was 6.78, Ural Business Consulting reports.