Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Russians not scheduled to work any Saturdays in 2013

The majority of Russian citizens will have an average of 118 days of rest this year, one day longer than last year.

Citizens will work 247 days, which is two fewer than in 2012, Mir66 reports.

The country will have days off on Saturdays, Sundays, traditional holidays and on May 2, 3 and 10.

On October 15, the Russian government passed resolution No. 1048, which regarded the transfer of public holidays in 2013. The holidays of Saturday January 5, Sunday January 6 and Monday February 25 will be switched to Thursday May 2, Friday May 3 and Friday May 10, respectively.

Therefore, February will not have any additional days off because the festive February 23 holiday falls on a Saturday. In May, Russian citizens will see a miniature vacation, with days off occurring from May 1 to Mat 5 and May 9 to May 12, Mir66 reports.

In general, the Russian people will work a standard 40-hour week, accruing a total of 1,000,970 hours, or 16 hours fewer than in 2012 and 11 hours fewer than in 2011.

January and May are the most idle months. June has the next fewest work days, with only 19 days, and July and October will have 23 working days, the most of any other months.

There are no planned working Saturdays for the 2013 year.