Monday, July 23, 2018

Pavel Datsyuk to return to Detroit Red Wings following KHL All-Star game

Sverdlovsk native and Detroit Red Wing Pavel Datsyuk, who has been playing for CSKA Moscow during the NHL lockout, has received permission from his NHL team to play in the KHL All-Star Game in Chelyabinsk before returning to Detroit.

Gary Greenstin, Datsyuk's agent, emphasized that the Red Wings could not deny the native Yekaterinburgian's request to play in the January 12 All-Star game, as NHL teams have no say in the activities of their players until the new collective bargaining contracts are ratified. Greenstin said that Datsyuk will return to the U.S. on January 14, the Detroit Free Press reports.

While there has been no set date as to when NHL training camps will begin, there is no question that Datsyuk will be returning to the NHL in top-shape. Datsyuk has 31 games with CSKA Moscow under his belt, and has banked 11 goals and 25 assists.

Currently, there are rumors that New Jersey Devils player Ilya Kovalchuck will not be leaving the KHL to rejoin his NHL team, according to the Detroit Free Press.