Sunday, May 27, 2018

State of emergency announced in Yakutia following wolf invasion

Republic of Sakha President Yegor Borisov recently announced a state of emergency in Yakutia due to the alarming increase in grey wolves in the area.

In a Sunday address to the press, Borisov said that state scientists estimate more than 3,500 wolves are roaming Yakutia, well over the acceptable limit of 500 wolves, Mir66 reports.

According to data from the region's ministry of agriculture, wolves are responsible for the death of 313 herds of horses and 16,111 reindeer. Borisov said that the Aldan, Kobyayskogo, Neryungri, Tomponsky and Eveno Bytantayskogo-ulus deer farms have been most devastated by the wolf invasion.

Experts attribute heightened wolf attacks to a reduction in the wolves' natural food sources. Rabbits, in particular, have dwindled in population in the wolves' usual habitats. As a result, more wolves have slowly moved from the mountains to the more central regions of the city to feast on reindeer and other domestic animals, according to Mir66.

President Borisov also announced that hunting season for wolves will be year-round.