Monday, June 18, 2018

Lifan launches X60 in Yekaterinburg

Lifan X60 was launched in Yekaterinburg on November 24.

During the two-hour release event, five X60 automobiles were sold.

Additionally, Lifan and its partner AutoLeader sponsored a celebratory event with a theme of "Taste the Blue-White."

Visitors could get a new model appraisal, city tour and test drive at the event. There was also carnival samba, colorful cocktails, pet tropical parrots, boas and gold fish, delicious food and other activities for parents and children.

The Lifan X60 is a Chinese five-door compact SUV produced by the Lifan Motors division of Lifan Group. It was first unveiled at the 2010 Shanghai Auto Show and was formally launched at the 2011 show.

The Lifan Group is a privately owned Chinese motorcycle and automobile manufacturer that opened in 2005, selling compact sedans, microvans and hatchbacks. It is best known for the small passenger cars it sells in developing overseas markets.