Sunday, June 24, 2018

Yekaterinburg government takes steps to assist migrant workers

Yekaterinburg's municipal administration is in the process of implementing a new program to aid migrant workers entering the city for work.

Supported by several city grants, the "Guide for migrants, Yekaterinburg" program offers comprehensive support services and educational materials for those who enter the city seeking employment. The program guides migrants through the legalization process and even helps find suitable employment for professionals with appropriate experience and credentials. "Guide for migrants, Yekaterinburg" also offers Yekaterinburg natives and employers with information regarding the migrant background, according to

The first draft of the program will target migrants from Tajikistan - the largest influx of laboring migrants entering Yekaterinburg. Brochures will be given to Tajik migrants, written in their own language, with helpful information such as how to find a place to live, where to find transportation and where to find labor positions in the city.

Officials said that by helping migrant workers transition to life in Yekaterinburg, there will be fewer incidences of illegal immigration, reports.