Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Yekaterinburg residents displaced by apartment explosion spend New Years at home

Residents of the Nine Onega apartment building in Yekaterinburg who were forced to evacuate their homes following a gas explosion in October were able to return to their flats days before the New Year.

On October 15, residents called authorities complaining of a strong smell of gas present in the apartment building. As municipal police and fire departments arrived to the scene, an explosion occurred in unit 12 of the building, injuring four tenants and emergency personnel, reports.

Those left homeless by the resulting shutdown of the apartment building were provided temporary residencies by the local government. Crews were immediately dispatched by the Yekaterinburg City Commission for Emergency Situations to restore the Onega apartment building and worked under police supervision to prevent looting.

The city government voted to allocate reserve funding for reconstruction of the apartment building, according to

In 2011, municipal reserve funds were used to provide assistance for residents of another Sverdlovsk apartment building in the Ordzhonikidze city region.