Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Yekaterinburg police investigate rape accusations

An investigation has been opened in Yekaterinburg by city police department No. 7 after a woman reported being raped by a member of the police department.

Eugene Zolotavin, the head of the investigative department of the Yekaterinburg district, said that a criminal case has been opened under part 1 of article 131 of the criminal code, against rape from an unidentified police officer. The agency will conduct identification through biological and genetic examinations, Mir66 reports.

The victim claims that the rape happened in the vicinity of the police department.

Should the results of the investigation prove that a staff member was involved, he will be dismissed from the police force and the leaders of the department will be held to strict disciplinary action.

The report said that the woman and others were taken to the police office from a sauna in Yekaterinburg on suspicion of prostitution, Mir66 reports.

The department says it will not cover anything up, yet is hesitant to draw any premature conclusions.