Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Sverdlovsk government plans 2013 boost for industrial development

Sverdlovsk Regional Governor Evgeny Kuyvashev announced this week that his administration's focus for 2013 will be the continued development of the Sverdlovsk region's economy through industrial development, increased fiscal performance and better government relations.

This year, Kuyvashev made a number of changes in his government's staff and augmented the Sverdlovsk region's approach towards growth and development. In 2012, the Sverdlovsk area shipped 12 percent more goods than last year, making it one of the top regional exporters in Russia. Moreover, the Sverdlovsk region's gross manufacturing output increased this year by 7.5 percent, nearly twice the national average, according to COSPP.com.

The region's 2012 budget grew by more than $26 million from last year, and the Sverdlovsk municipal budget increased by over $1 billion. The extra revenues allowed the region to finance and expand social programs. Sverdlovsk region teachers' salaries also increased dramatically and 18,000 additional children were able to attend kindergarten in 2012. Housing and health programs targeted at low-income residents were also expanded.

The birth rate in the Sverdlovsk region exceeded the death rate for the first time since the collapse of the Soviet Union; accordingly, the region's population increased by an estimated 1,200 people, COSPP.com reports.

In 2013, Kuyvashev vows to take measures to accelerate the region's industrial developments, including reorganizing the local timber industry that has been performing poorly due to mismanagement. In Yekaterinburg, the 2013 Governor's Initiative project will commit an additional $132 million annually to modernize the region's transportation system.