Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Yekaterinburg-based company seeks to produce "Oppah Gangnam Style" beverages

City, a Yekaterinburg-based company, has filed a petition to use the "Gangnam Style" trademark, made famous by Korean rapper Psy, in a line of beverages.

Through an application to Russian trademark agency Rospatent, City hopes to obtain royalties to use "Oppah Gangnam Style" to brand a variety of beverages, including vodka and other alcoholic drinks, as well as soft drinks such as juice, RT.com reports.

According to Irinia Tulubyeva, a Russian intellectual property attorney, the decision to allow City to proceed with its plans to release "Gangnam Style"-branded products lies solely with Psy. Psy will have to personally allow for companies such as City to use lyrics from his hit song "Gangnam Style" for commercial uses.

While "Gangnam Style" has received more than one billion views on YouTube, marketing specialists such as Stars and Brands managing partner Vadim Kormilitsyn say that "Gangnam Style"-branded products will have difficulty attracting popularity.

"One cannot drawn an equal mark between the name of the brand or a line from the lyrics and a product that will be produced", Kormilitsyn said, adding that those familiar with the "Gangnam Style" craze have, "watched and forgotten," according to RT.com.