Friday, June 22, 2018

Yekaterinburg celebrates 87 years of public water

December 20 marked the 87th anniversary of the formation of Sverdlovsk's city water utility.

The construction of a water supply became national cause in 1925 and the foundation of a water tower was laid in a solemn ceremony in June of that year, reports.

The grand opening of the aqueduct occurred on December 20, 1925, when the first tap water was delivered to residents. workers and their wives, who all gathered at the water pumping chamber.

On the opening day, the water pump filled 100,000 buckets of water. Additionally, 14 draw-booths received water from four wells with a capacity of 30,000 buckets. An underground pipe with a length of 16.5 miles drew water through a small filter station. At the time, water was only supplied during the daytime, reports.

Currently, there is a much larger network of water mains, street intranetworks and housing connections in the Ural capital. The city also has 281 pumping stations, 59 artesian wells and 16 water towers.