Friday, June 22, 2018

Czech metalworking machinery facility to be built in Sverdlovsk region

Czech company Tos Varnsdorf will open a facility to manufacture metalworking machinery in Yekaterinburg, in partnership with Ural-based Kososvit-Rus, LLC, in spring 2013.

After receiving certification, the company will assemble 20 horizontal-boring machines and as many as 10 portal-milling units per year during the first phase. The machines will produce a sale value of $70 million. Additionally, components for the machines will be produced int eh future, raising the localization of the manufacturing to 60 percent, RusBizNews reports.

Additionally, the regional government has reported that there has been an increase in demand for metalworking machinery in the Urals due to a concentration of defense companies and heavy machine building. This may result in Tos Varnsdorf issuing the Sverdlovsk firm with a batch of orders from the Urals-Siberian and Far Eastern regions of Russia.