Saturday, June 23, 2018

Expert RA says investment potential for Sverdlovsk region is high

The Russian federal constituencies' investment appeal for 2011-2012 has been rated by Expert RA.

The agency gave the Moscow Region, Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Krasnodar Territory and Tatarstan levels of A12, retaining their top positions, Ural Business Consulting reports.

The rating shows that the constituencies have the highest potential indices and some of the lowest risk levels.

"The rating is indicative of the takeoff of the third wave of the constituencies' investment appeal growth, which is characterized by three parameters: proximity to economic centers, relatively inexpensive labor, and lack of visible investment projects in the past. Among the 'third-wave' constituencies are Bryansk, Kostroma, and Ivanovo Regions as well as Chuvashiya and some others. These constituencies' investment appeal can only grow if no unfavorable external factors like a new turn of the recession interfere in the process," Expert RA Regional Studies Director Vladimir Gorchakov said, according to Ural Business Consulting.

The Sverdlovsk region and the Chelyabinsk region were not among the top 10 minimum risk territories.

For the 2011-2012 investment climate rating, the Sverdlovsk region was estimated to have high potential and a low (1B) risk. Chelyabinsk has an average potential with moderate risk (2B).