Friday, June 22, 2018

Urals woman rescued after dumpster diving for makeup bag

Rescuers in the Ural city of Magnitogorsk saved a 20-year-old woman from an apartment trash chute after she fell in while attempting to retrieve her makeup bag.

The young woman, dressed only in a t-shirt, reached into the trash chute hoping to recover her lipstick and powder after she realized that she had accidentally discarded the makeup. The young woman reached too far into the chute and fell two floors into a mound of garbage. RT reports.

Residents called authorities after hearing the woman's cries for help during the night, where temperatures plummeted to four degrees below zero.

Upon arriving, the rescuers determined that they would need to cut out a portion of the chute and catch the woman before she descended further. The woman was able to recover her cosmetics and return to her apartment completely unharmed.

Rescuers said that the incident was not unique. Chelyabinsk region rescuers have recently responded to an emergency call when a drunk young man fell eight flights down a trash chute attempting to recover his mobile phone. Another Magnitogorsk resident recently tried to retrieve a pair of his wife's shoes by leaping into an apartment trash chute and became stuck. Neither man was seriously injured by their fall, according to RT.