Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Photographer sends pieces of deteriorating bridge to city hall

Photographer and activist Vladimir Zadumin recently sent a piece of asphalt to Yekaterinburg City Manager Alexander Jacob that had broken off a bridge that was completely renovated a year ago.

Zadumin collected pieces of asphalt, saying he saw the bridge crumbling before his eyes, and decided to return the pieces, which amounted to the size of a sheet of A4 paper. He concluded that the asphalt was city property, Newsbom reports.

The parcel was delivered to the head of Yekaterinburg with an attached letter asking for a written response from officials. The letter asked the government to recognize the asphalt as proof that the recent redesign was ineffective.

The city has not responded and city hall has claimed to not have received the package.

Zadumin filmed the entire process, including his discovery of the asphalt. He leaked a photo essay of his findings online, as well, Newsbom reports.

Other motorists, meanwhile, are discussing further action toward improving the road situation, including sending their own pieces of asphalt to town hall.

The bridge was closed from the mid-summer of 2011 through November 2011. Drivers had to patiently wait in frequent traffic jams while the repairs took place.

The reconstruction of the bridge has already been under investigation. In September, regional SU TFR opened a criminal case against the former head of the Yekaterinburg ME "Capital Construction," for a violation of p.1 st.285.1 of the criminal code: misappropriation of budget funds, according to Newsbom.

The investigation is looking into whether the construction that took place complies with the municipal contract or not.